Inside Ranthambhor Tiger Reserve, Tiger Sighting Finally

I went for second morning safary with a lot of trepidation. I have seen a lot of wildlife.  I have seen a tiger. But I did not have a picture of tiger. I was picked up by canter from the lodge. By the way, I did not get a gypsy. On a hindsight, it was a blessing in disguise.
We went past forest gate after completing routine formalities. After crossing second gate of the fort, we arrived at a bifurcation. One track went to zone 2. Another to zone 3. Suddenly, we saw spotted deers running and galloping frantically. A canter was standing still. Every visitor was looking intently towards the forest. Our guide confirmed presence of a tiger. We learnt, passengers in canter ahead had seen tiger making a kill. One person had shot the event in his cell phone camera.
We got our turn when canter ahead of us moved on. Almost everyone climbed up on their seat to catch a glimpse. Guide  kept telling that the tiger was right there. But most of us could not see anything. Even using zoom lens, one could see a yellow hue but nothing else. Then all of a sudden the tiger stood up. There it was, king of jungle caught in my camera. We were told it was Paqman, one of the resident males.


Everyone in the canter took turn to watch the tiger. We waited there in the hope that the tiger might make a move. It did not emerge from the bush. May be it was guarding its kill. We had spent three fourth of our time in the forest. Driver said we must return.

In the evening, I came back to the same junction. This time I was to go to a different zone. As our canter came out in open, we saw people from another zone peering into a bush. A sambhar deer was barking at a distance. Guide said there is tiger. We even saw a tiger under the tree. But it entered a bush nearby and became invisible. Occasionally, we would hear it pulling something. Some time we would see its tail thrashing. But tiger was no where to be see.



After a while, most visitors got frustrated and left. But we made a decision. A tiger was there for certain. So we must wait. In the end, after most vehicles had left, tiger came out of the bush and leisurely walked into a body of water. It was right opposite to where our canter was waiting. May be tiger had pity on me and let me photograph itself.




We spent all our allocated time in the same place watching the tiger. As for me, I had shot a tiger using my camera. I can tell anyone that cares to ask. I shall be back next summer.

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