Brexit and English Decline

Civilisations and societies move in cycles. Is Brexit vote an indicator of British decline? Not long ago, Great Britain used to rule most of the world. So vast was the expanse of the British Empire, that it was often said “Sun never sets on the British Empire”. Even now, Britain is a nuclear power, a member of security council, an economic powerhouse, a major political ally of the US in world affairs. Yet, post Brexit are we going to see a divided United Kingdom and not an United one? Scotland has expressed commitment to stay in European Union and indicated a referendum to separate from United Kingdom. Will that leave only England and Wales as remnants of one time mighty Great Britain and United Kingdom? How will this affect England?

Post Brexit, England may not have similar economic, political and military clout as Great Britain united and as part of European Union. In the short term, many have projected dire economic consequences for England. Leaders of European Union have declined to give England access to common European market. Value of pound as a global currency has taken a beating. In the long run, prosperity enjoyed by citizens of erstwhile United Kingdom likely to decline, post Brexit. 

Politically, US has expressed its commitment to relation with Britain post Brexit. Militarily and economically weakend Britain may face difficulty negotiating with friends like US. More so when protectionist tendency is rising in the US and demography of US is undergoing a change. Germany and Japan had become economic superpower, post world war II. Both countries did not spend as much on military and did not have a great political influence in the world. Israel has also survived in a hostile environment with active US support. Politically, Israel does not have much say in world affairs beyond middle east.

A small nimble England, free of bureaucratic fetters, may outshine itself. It can trade with whomever it chooses to without agreeing to conditions that will slow her down. Like post world war II Japan and Germany, England may emerge as a major economic superpower.  English men had shown great character in the face of adversity in past centuries. They have conquered the globe beating great competition from French, Spanish, Portuguese and Duth colonisers. English had overcome local resistance also successfully.  There is every possibility that England will shine as a small independent country. Problem, is world has changed greatly from the time, early settlers went to conquer the world in the guise of trade. Or has it really? Only time will tell. A great historical moment is being enacted.

Is this how civilisations and societies decline? Once adventurous all conquering English men are unwilling to face challenges offered by new world. They re unwilling to acquire new skills. It is said that mostly elderly, retired and unemployed voters have swayed Brexit vote. Are English men becoming inward looking, unwilling to look  beyond its border and ask for protection? English have become suspicious of foreigners and immigrants. This is evident from the report of racist abuse / attack on foreigners post Brexit. This is not the England world knew. This is not the England that conquered new worlds and ruled them. This is not the England that had lead from the forefronts of scientific discoveries and invention. Are we witnessing the decline of a great society and people? 

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