Blood Lust in Dhaka

On a Friday evening on the last day of Ramadan, a group of ten young men walked into Holey Artisaan Bakery in Gulshan area of Dhaka. These young men were armed with machete  and automatic firearms. They chanted “Allahu Akbar” and took hostage men and women in the eating joint. Believers were separated from non believers by their familiarity with verses of holy Quran. Faithful were allowed to leave. Nonbelievers, Japanese, Italian and and Indian were executed. Faraaz Ayan Hossain, a muslim man who did not want to leave his friends Tarishi Jain, an India, and Abinta Kabir, was also killed. Eventually, Bangladesh security forces stormed the bakery killing terrorists and arresting one.
Terror attack in a restaurant in Gulshan area of Dhaka puzzles me. Unlike terrorists that attacked Mumbai, atleast three boys – Nirbas Islam, Samih Mubashir and Rohan Imtiaz, were from well to do families. All of them were well educated. They attended English medium schools and went to college. Parents of some boys were important official in Bangladesh government and members of ruling Awaami League party. 
How did well educated boys got radicalised enough to kill fellow human beings? Who trained them? Where did they get access to guns? It was reported that boys went missing for sometime. Where did they go? Did they leave country? If parents of boys were influential, how could they not find out where there sons were? Does this not indicate complicity?
It is not clear what did terrorists aimed to achieve? Bangladesh is not under occupation force, unlike Syria or Iraq.  Of late, there has been increase in killing of non muslims, atheist muslims and secular muslims in Bangladesh. Are these terrorists aiming to enforce Sharia rule in Bangladesh? Why not fight and win election and change law of the land? 
Who is behind such indoctrination of young minds? Some say, ISIS ideology is gaining foothold in Bangladesh. Government officials believe, invisible hand of inter services intelligence of Pakistan working in tandem with Bangladeshi oppositon parties. here may be some grain of truth to this theory. Pakistan has not reconciled to creation of Bangladesh. Those Bangladeshi citizens who collaborated with Pakistani army during Bangladeshi freedom movement, are being tried for war crime by present government. It is possible that Bangladeshi opposition party in league with Pakistani ISI may work towards destabilisation of Bangladesh government.
In India young men and women, following ultra left ideology, have picked up gun. At least, these men and women can claim they are fighting for people who are weak and helpless. Members of ultra left usually fight with security forces. They do not take hostage of ordinary men and women. 
Terrorists in Dhaka killed innocent people. That too in the holy month of Ramadan, when believers spent time remembering prophet. How can a muslim kill another human being, that too a muslim, in the month of Ramadan? Is this an ideological war or simple blood lust?

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