BJP Stewing in Her Own Mess

Willingly or unwillingly BJP is getting entangled in a perception of being anti-dalit and anti-muslim. Neanderthals in BJP never desist from making foolish comments that ends up showing the party with a deep  seated bias against minorities and dalits.  

Members of a cow vigilante group,  “Goraksha samiti” did not help BJP’s image, when they beat up dalit people on charge of killing cow. Repeated plea that dalits were skinning a dead cow, went unheeded. The whole incidence was caught on camera. To be fair, hooligans that resorted to vigilante act belonged to Shiv Sena, angry opposition parties wrapped BJP and Shiv Sena under one Sangh Parivar umbrella and went on the attack. Barbaric lynching of Mohammad Akhlaq a year before on charge of cow slaughter, coupled with current beating of dalits strengthen the perception that position of a cow is higher than a human life with BJP supporters. Then came utterance of BJP vice president of UP against BSP leader Mayawati. Not only the statement helped reinforce the anti-dalit stereotype, it united all opposition against BJP before a crucial election in an important state. 

It is unfortunate that BJP is getting entangled in a mess of its own creation. BJP of all parties must understand importance of making foolish utterances. Intelligent people and parties learn from past experiences. The narrative created before Delhi and Bihar elections that BJP is anti-minority party should have been kept in mind. How can anyone forget how BJP had to pay dearly in these elections. BJP has done well by sacking the errant functionary. It must make sure other loose cannons do not fire out of turn. If they do, exemplary action must be taken. 

Media is having a field day. It is predicted that BJP will pay dearly in coming elections. Honourable BSP supremo claimed dalits all over India think her as a devi. Such a megalomania is not unusual for dalit leader known to erect her own statue complete with a purse on public parks. Nevertheless, dalits did vote her out in election on issues related to corruption. So devi ji is not unbeatable and public is not naive. 

I think it is premature to link dalit protest in Lucknow to potential electoral verdict. Public memory is short and men and women in public life often shoot themselves on foot by making unnecessary statements. One such statement announced a cash prize of 50 lac rupees in return for BJP leaders tongue. Many such and more bizarre and more obnoxious statements will be made in future. This is just the beginning. At stake is the state of UP.

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