Rio Olympic Games, India’s Cup of Woe is Full

What is more disappointing? No medal in Rio or Indian sports minister getting a warning from organisers for bad behaviour? Minister was accused of throwing his weight around. Minister sahab forgot that he was on foreign shore. Minister sir forgot that outside Indian subcontinent, ministers are usually not taken that seriously. More so when your... Continue Reading →

Worship Mother Goddess, Yet Violate Women

A society is judged by how it respects her women. In India, primordial energy in its female form is being worshipped since time immemorial. We worship goddess in different name and form,  that range from Durga, Kali, Annapurna, Kamakhya, Adyashakti, Katyayani and so on. Question comes with such exalted mothers, why sons are so worthless?In... Continue Reading →

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