Reality Music Shows Catering to Aspirations

Music and dance competitions on TV are so amazing at bringing out talents. Boys and girls, as young as 6 years, are coming from all over India to show case their talents. No longer families think studying hard and becoming engineer and doctor to be only career option. Many are taking different routes like music and dance as potential options.

Participants come from every corner of this vast country of ours. From Nalbari in Assam in the east to Barmer in Rajasthan in the west. From Amritsar in Punjab in the north to Kanyakumari in the south. One may come from a family of a farmer, a singer, a school teacher or a multinational executive. It does not matter, as long as one can sing in front of a crowd and a panel of judges without messing up tune and beat.   

There is so much aspiration. So much desire to do well and showcase talent to the world. Every participant has a story to tell. Every one has a dream. Some want to make their family proud. Many, specially girls, want fulfil their mothers apirations. Many want to boost their family income and socio-economic status. It feels so good when young contestants succeed. Some cry. Some break into impromptu dance. Parents in the background breath a sigh of relief and exude a sense of pride. True there is dramatisation. There is mock fighting among judges to win over a contestant. Still music scene in India is getting enriched with so much talent. 

Gone are the days when India was dominated by Lata Mangeshkar and Kishore Kumar, not to forget Asha Bhonsle, Mohammad Rafi and Mukesh.  Singer pool has only increased with time. From Sonu Nigam to Mika Singh, from Arijit Singh to Amal Malik. Girls are not far behind. From Alka Yagnik to Sunidhi Chauhan and Shreya Ghoshal, from Neeti Mohan, Monali Thakur to Palak Muchal, Kanika Kapoor, Shalmoli Kholgade and many others. What is apparent is that talent pool is increasing. Base of talent pyramid is getting wider every year. New talents are added every year. I think Indian music industry is up for good time. I hope similar talents come out in other areas too.

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