Worship Mother Goddess, Yet Violate Women

A society is judged by how it respects her women. In India, primordial energy in its female form is being worshipped since time immemorial. We worship goddess in different name and form,  that range from Durga, Kali, Annapurna, Kamakhya, Adyashakti, Katyayani and so on. Question comes with such exalted mothers, why sons are so worthless?

In this great land, that is India, female child is killed in the womb. A newly wed bride is burnt alive for no bringing enough dowry. To top everything, the final weapon in subjugating a woman is rape, and as if that is not enough we now have gang rape. Nirbhaya was gang raped in Delhi in a bus. She was left to die by the road side physically disembowelled. At the time, speaker of Indian parliament was a woman, leader of opposition in Lok Sabha was a woman, chief minister of Delhi was a woman, president of ruling Indian National Congress was woman, several states had chief ministers who were women. Yet Nirbhaya gang rape happened. 

Outraged nation passed stringent law against rape. Yet rapes kept happening unabated. Young children were also not spared. Recently, a mother and her daughter were gang raped in UP. Incidence happened infront of girl’s father. Assault happened close to highway. 

The whole affairs shows the poor law and order situation in the state of Uttar Pradesh. Police did not respond to emergency phone calls. Most likely police knew what was happening. More so because a similar incidence had happened a few days before in the same are. Police intentionally avoided the area of crime. Police in India knows which side of the bread to butter. They know which criminal is close to which politician. Criminals backed by ruling party are usually not touched by police. 

To add insult to injury, an important minister in state government alleged rape was a political conspiracy. Given the uproar after incident involving BJP vice president when he made abusive comment against BSP chief Mayawati, I am surprised at the muted response of visual media on the statement of influential ruling party minister. In addition, all serial visitors who flock to distant parts of India in support of poor and oppressed, none had visited the distraught family. Exception being BJP and now chief minister of UP. Where are Mr. Kejriwal, Mr. Gandhi, Mr. Yechury and the rest?

With the respect women in India enjoy in society, remember they constitute almost 50% of Indian population, India has no chance of ever becoming a global power. One simply has to see the status, opportunity and safe environment offered to women in developed countries as well as in many Latin American and South East Asian countries. Only when we start respecting women, our worship of mother goddess will make any sense.

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