Seeking Vision of God

India has a strong tradition of seeking reality that lies beyond the appearance. It is called searching for god. This search is not considered unusual. Starting from Adi Sankara, many seekers have devoted their lives to such search of god. In recent times, hardly a century earlier, Sri Rama Krishna had attained a vision of... Continue Reading →

Mahamaya’s Play Ground, Our World

Science continues to point out that our experiences of the  world we consider real, is actually very limited. Our experience is constrained by sensory organs that we have. Using technology we can improve sensitivity of our sense organs but we cannot bring about a qualitative change in our perception of the world.  In Indian spiritual... Continue Reading →

Do We Need God In This Age

This is a beautiful time in this part of the world. Autumn has arrived. Clear blue skies. Temperature is no longer unbearable. Arrival of mother goddess is being celebrated in the form of Durga Puja and Navaratri. An atmosphere of festivity is all around. Come to think of it, do we understand what is worship of... Continue Reading →

Tannistha Chatterjee, Skin Tone and Racism

Actress Tannistha Chatterjee recently walked out of Comedy Nights Bachao. She had serious objections being roasted on her skin color. Ms. Chatterjee dubbed the channel and script writers racist. I personally think, Ms. Chatterjee was right in walking out of a show she was not comfortable participating.Personally, I think the practice of judging people on... Continue Reading →

Bollywood, Pakistani Artists and Ban

There is a lot of debate and discussion if art, culture and sports should be above politics. Noted personalities like Nana Patekar,  Om Puri, Mahesh Bhatt, and many others have taken positions for and against the motion. I like many Pakistani actors. I like Fawad Khan. I love Zindagi TV and relate to programs it broadcasts.... Continue Reading →

Post Uri Attack, Indian Responds

After attack on army base in Uri, there was a lot of debate about potential Indian options. Many had felt that India had a very limited options against a nuclear armed Pakistan. To everyones surprise, Indian special forces had crossed over line of control and destroyed terrorist launching pads. Predictably, debates have started. Some say,... Continue Reading →

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