Surgical Strike, Demand of Proof and Artist Ban, India a Divided House

India is divided whether to play cricket with Pakistan, whether to have Pakistani actors work here, whether India actually undertook surgical strike across line of control? We all love Pakistani cricketers, we love Pakistani actors. This is difficult time. If there is death in the house we do not go out to play cricket. We do not go out to watch movie. Our soldiers are being killed at the border. We cannot extend hand of friendship unilaterally. Pakistani actors do not need to bad mouth their country. They could have simply condemned terrorist violence. India had tried to extend hand of friendship. Every time there has been an attack. Nothing has changed in past so many years. 

Those who say, “we did not ask soldiers to fight on the border. So what they died?” Are being crass and insensitive. If every Indian says he has no responsibility to guard our border, then we shall be nowhere. If we do not let our kids to join army, at least let us not demean those who join the army and fight our battle.

It is nothing unusual for Pakistan to deny surgical strikes carried out by India. It may have a specific design which may serve several purposes. 

  • First, it will be a face saver of army and ISI, that have appropriated so much budget and power, that cannot protect their country. 
  • Second, it may avoid taking action against India and go for escalation. 
  • Third, Pak army and ISI may look for clue in the proof about how to avoid future strike. Surgical strike should remain secret about its operation. Those who know what happened know. 

Pakistan had denied US had come in and killed Osama Bin Laden in Abbotabad, when he was under protection Pakistan military and ISI. Pakistan had denied every evidence India has provided on several terror strikes. So another evidence will mean nothing. It will be a cannon fodder for denial. 

A journalist can claim and write what she saw six days after operation. A surgical strike is not necessarily done using bofors gun. Trained soldiers quietly surround targets and destroy them If bodies are removed, which there are report were removed, what destruction one can see. By all account terror camps and launch pads are ramshackle huts and tents. Only asset are jihadis waiting to cross over and kill in India. If these people were killed, bodies removed, and buried, what can a reporter report? 

Strange that we are giving credence to motivated propaganda by Pakistani army and ISI. We forget that India had updated Pakistani DGMO, envoys of important countries. We forget Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Bhutan have supported Indian position and boycotted SAARC meeting in Pakistan. USA and Russia have agreed to our position. China has kept quiet. What else does matter? By the way, Pakistan can always call envoys of different countries and debunk Indian claim. Provided, countries have their consulates still in Pakistan.

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