Do We Need God In This Age

This is a beautiful time in this part of the world. Autumn has arrived. Clear blue skies. Temperature is no longer unbearable. Arrival of mother goddess is being celebrated in the form of Durga Puja and Navaratri. An atmosphere of festivity is all around. Come to think of it, do we understand what is worship of god in feminine form? Do we feel vibration of energy that manifests itself?

In this day an age as technology makes our lives more easy, do we need to invent god? What can god give us that we do not already have? We can control birth and death. Like proverbial Brhmastra, we have access to nuclear and thermo-nuclear devices that can destroy the world. We have precision guidance technology for minimal collateral damage. We can control food production. We have access to medicines to cure diseases. We have access to technique and technology to replace and body part. Soon we may live forever, thanks to medicine and technology.  True, there are many diseases for which no cure exists. But it is a matter of time, before progress in science and technology may discover cure for most intractable of diseases.   Genetic engineering and recombinant DNA technology hav helped us create food surplus that is pest resistant, that lasts longer and packs more nutrition. With the help of technology one can grow food in most arid region of this earth. Soon, with the progress in space science and technology, man may go to outer space and inhabit a distant planet. So what can we ask from god? 

Yes there are problems of plenty in certain parts of the world. And, there are other parts of the world where there people kill each other in the name of religion. There are places where many people do not get enough to eat everyday. People still die of hunger, malnutrition. Baby food is adulterated to earn more money. Medicines and food meant for poor are sold in black market. Girl child are still killed, women burnt to death for not bringing dowry. But do we need god to improve these conditions? Will simple and efficient resource management not solve these problems? Do we need to invent god to solve these problems. There is science and technology our new age god.

Yet, there is a quest within inner recess of human.  Sri Rama Krishna begged mother Kali to show herself? What motivated William A Gans of California to leave comfort of his American home and life to join one of the most austere monastic order – the Naga sadhus? Naga sadhus do not carry any worldly possession. So much so they have renounced their clothing and roam around almost naked.  William Gans became known as Baba Rampuri. What is this quest?

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