My Depression and Demonetisation

Since demonetisation announcement, I had been queuing up at a private bank nearby to collect some cash. I had been to the bank almost seven times. I was successful in withdrawing money only once. Each time, I stood for nearly 2 to 3 hours. Then I came to know that bank ran out of cash. It was disappointing as well as makes one very angry. 
Majority of people stood in line calmly. Many were very sympathetic towards me. “why don’t you stand in queue for senior citizens?” They would advice me. 
I am not a senior citizen. Every other person is standing in a queue. I have no problem queuing up.” I would usually say. 
If government has made a provision, why not avail it” They would suggest. 
To be honest, chance of getting money increases nearly 80%, if one stands in a queue meant for senior citizens. Concern and empathy of common people was touching. They were ready to let someone go ahead in queue without thinking of themselves. But I am not a senior citizen. I have salt and pepper hair. May be more salt and less pepper. Like me there were other people also had grey hair. No one asked them to stand in a shorter queue. Do I exude an aura of a senior citizen? I do not know. 
One day usual empathy of my fellow citizens ended up making me very depressed. A young woman was standing ahead of me. All of a sudden she turned around and said, “uncle, why don’t you stand in senior citizen’s queue?”. I was aghast. First uncle, then senior citizen! To top my misery, I did not get money that day too. Can a day be more depressing?

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