Demonetisation and Public Response

Since the announcement of demonetisation on 8th Nov, 2016, a fierce debate has been kicked up. Opponents of demonetisation, which include virtually all opposition parties and a large number of economists and intellectuals have claimed dooms day for Indian economy, where GDP growth will be lowered by two percentage points, people will lose jobs, many... Continue Reading →

Demonetisation Debate, Points to Consider

Decision to demonetize Indian high value currency notes has kicked up huge debate. Many have highlighted serious implementation issues. Problems that has created a lot of inconvenience / hardship to common Indian people. There is no doubt common people have faced serious difficulties. Many well meaning individuals have written scathing articles against the government. Some had... Continue Reading →

Understanding Demonetisation Debate

A lot has been said both for and against demonetization of high denomination currency notes in India. Nobel laureates Prof. Amartya Sen and Prof. Paul Krugman have denounced efficacy of the mechanism. On the other hand, Prof Jagdish Bhagwati has praised demonetisation as a bold move, and S. Gurumurthy, an idealogogue of RSS, has claimed... Continue Reading →

Success Sweet Success

One evening last week, I was out for a walk. In our neighbourhood market I saw people queuing up outside an ATM. This YES bank ATM has been lying shut since 9th Nov, 2016, immediately post announcement of demonetisation of 500 and 1000 rupee currency notes. Along with others, I also stood in the queue with... Continue Reading →

Demonetisation, Coping From Cash to Cashless

Ever since demonetisation announcement, questions have been raised if India is ready to go cashless. It has been asked, how would Indian poor who are not familiar with banking system cope? Forget about use of credit and debit cards for transaction, hardly 300 million Indians use smart phone. How will another 900 million Indians access their... Continue Reading →

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