Success Sweet Success

One evening last week, I was out for a walk. In our neighbourhood market I saw people queuing up outside an ATM. This YES bank ATM has been lying shut since 9th Nov, 2016, immediately post announcement of demonetisation of 500 and 1000 rupee currency notes. Along with others, I also stood in the queue with a degree of trepidation. Queue was reasonably short, may by 20 people ahead of me, still nobody was sure if they will go home with cash in their pocket. We were informed that the machine was giving only 2000 rupees per card in 2000 rupee currency note. So there will be enough money in the machine for every one. Yet I was nerveous to to inform my home. I had become the butt of jokes. A person who diligently stood in line without ever getting any cash. 
Gradually we were moving up the queue. Anxiety level increased as we reached the gate of ATM kiosk. “Will there be enough money till I reach there? Why is this person taking so much time? Hurry up man, there are so many people behind you!” Those were cries from people at the door who were getting impatient and nerveous. “Could it be so near, yet so far!” I wondered. 
At last I was standing infront of the machine. I inserted my card. Under pressure, I started making repeated mistakes. First I inserted my card in wrong orientation. Then I inserted it when machine was not ready. Third time I did everything right, but when machine asked for amount, I punched my ATM pin. My transaction was rejected. Crowd behind me was restless and exasperated. “Come on. Do it properly. We are waiting. We cannot be here all night. Why are you punching anything other than 2000? Don’t you know this machine delivers only 2000?” Those were some angry shouts that entered my ear, which were red by the time with embarrassment and anxiety. Finally, one friendly fellow person came in to show me how to insert the card. Voila! There it was my first new 2000 rupee note. Much to the anger of people behind me, I tried my second card. I got another 2000 rupee note. This was my moment of success after a long time

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