Assam Trip : Jogigopha and Naranaryan Setu

After lunch at Nigambhola tribal village, we left for Jogigopha town. This is the place where Naranaryan Setu connects Pancharatna town of Goalpara district to Jogigopha town of Bogaiganon district. Tourists visit Jogigopha to watch sun setting on the western horizon over Brahmaputra river. 
The name Jogigopha comes from “Yogi” pronounced “Jogi” in local language and “gopha” which means cave. In the past, ascetics used to live and meditate in the caves by the side of river Brhamaputra. These west facing caves still exist. Archeological society of India protects these caves as national monument.




Brahmaputra is one of the mightiest rivers in India and may be in the whole world. I am not sure, but it certainly looked to be very wide. The bridge that connects districts of Goalpara and Bongaigaon, Naranarayan Setu, is 2.2 km long. 
Naranaryan set is a double decker bridge. Road transport moves on the top deck. Rail carriage moves on the lower deck. Double decker bridge is not uncommon. In Delhi, the old Jamuna bridge is a double decker. Trains lines are above the road. I took this video of a train passing through the bridge. One can see cars and buses speeding on the top bridge. A boat can be seen plying on the river. At some point, the train and setting sun comes on the same line.
Tourists like us also visit the bridge to watch sunset. I clicked  a few pictures of setting sun at different time keeping the bridge at foreground.

We returned to Astha lodge to prepare ourselves for next journey.

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