Assam Trip : Kakoijana Reserve Forest

After spending a night at Astha Nature Resort, we started our journey towards Manas National Park. Our first stop on the way was Kakoijana Reserve Forest. This forest in Bongaigaon district is the habitat of endangered golden langurs. I was told, there are hardly 60 left in the reserve. As we were reaching the reserve, I asked how would we know langurs are there? The guide, a local man, nonchalantly said, “we shall phone”. I asked, “phone whom, langurs or villagers”. Both driver and guide found it very funny. 

Anyway, we reached eco village of Kakoijana. But on that day, langurs that normally frequent the village, were nowhere to be seen. We were approached by another man from the village. We were told that guide had actually phoned this man. This gentleman, also runs an NGO to protect wild animals in the region, which included pythons and langurs.

Anyway, langurs that day were resting on the tree top in a hill nearby. To approach the langur, we had to cross a small canal using a bamboo bridge. We city folks who are overweight and lacked balance walking on plain ground, intrepidly crossed the bamboo bridge. 

We then had to walk through paddy fields and a mountain trail to reach the langur. I have included photo of the bridge, of langur and a video of langur. Meanwhile, I had a fall, face first, on the paddy field. I was fortunate that I did not have my face stuck in cow dung and nobody was there to take a photo.

We were also shown rubber tree and harvesting of rubber by making cut on the tree trunk. In the village we saw strips of rubber kept out for drying.

In the end, we again boldly crossed the canal using the bridge. 
Much such accomplishments later, we moved on towards Manas National Park.

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