Journey of Life

Life is a journey, it is often said. Dharmaraj Yudhisthira on his final journey with his wife and brothers, never looked back even when one after another his relatives started falling away. Like a river, flow of life moves on from birth to death. 

For some strange reason, I always like any journey much more than destination. Journey, to me, signifies something new, something changing, something full of possibility at every step. Destination, by contrast, similar people, similar story, basically same old stuff. 

In my childhood days mostly I used to travel by train. Preparation and anticipation of a journey reaches a peak till the time I board a train. In train, if I could get hold of a window seat, life would be so much satisfying. Like life, as train moved on scenes would change at a fast pace. I would look at stationary people on platforms waiting for their train to arrive. It gave me a feeling of leaving people behind in the journey. 

My inclination towards journey, had kept me moving all my life. I had an insatiable desire to continue whatever activity from beginning till end. I was never happy with joining or leaving a program midway. In life everything comes to end.  Sometimes program is not terminated, other time the experimentor has to leave. Questions remain unanswered, curiosity remains, journey is forced to reach its end. 

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