Kali was a Good Dog.

Kali was not our pet. Her owners had most likely left her on her fate as they moved on. Kali came and sat at our door. We were out for a few days. As we returned, we found Kali sitting at our door step and enthusiastically wagging her tail. She was genuinely happy to see us. My mother gave her one sweet, sandesh, that was a prasad of mother Kali. Kali, the dog, ate it up eagerly and looked up for more. My mother was impressed. “She must be a devotee of mother. Look how is she enjoying the prasad“. My mother was a cat lover. But Kali had managed to impress her. So she stayed on. 
Kali was not an average mongrel. She appeared to be a mixed breed. Her body was blackish and her muzzle was also like that of an altatian. I am not an expert on dogs. But she did not appear to be average street dog. Kali managed to befriend my father, my sister and me. I would sit on chair and read news paper or watch TV. Kali will sit on the floor near my feet. On some days I would put my legs on her body. Kali would lick bottom of my feet as a sign of affection. She would do her duties to host. During the day, she would sit on the low wall of our flat and growl at any stranger trying to get an entry. People would call her general of our family.
Her social life will start at night. She would get out by nine. In the night she will bark at neighbourhood dogs sitting on the wall. Generally there will be ruckus as other dogs responded. Kali had many friends. A few days, I tried to bring her in forcibly. Then she understood my game plan. Moment I got out, she would jump off the wall and run away. A few days she would express her displeasure by growling. Kali would return by 3 in the morning. She would scratch our door incessantly. Someone of us had to open the door for her. She would enter innocently like nothing happened, and climb up on on sofa and go to sleep. 
One day Kali disappeared. She used to do her vanishing act sometime, specially during her mating season. It appears Kali was sterilised by her previous owners. She never bore any pup. This time, however, Kali did not return for more than seven days. We heard from neighbourhood guard that most probably Kali was taken  by municipality. Some neighbour must have complained. Anyway, Kali returned after nearly ten days. But by 12th day, Kali was not the same again. She spent most of the day and night lying down. We saw a small bloody mark on her belly. Kali started failing and  passed away. We do not know what killed Kali. Did someone try to neuter her and botched up? Kali was a good dog. Her owners let her loose, her doctors killed her.  In a country where humans are treated so poorly, can we expect better for Kali, a dog?. 

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