Gurmehar Kaur, ABVP and Ramjas College

Rightwing ABVP and leftwing AISA – SFI students clashed at Ramjas college of Delhi University. Bone of contention was cancellation of seminar invite to Umar Khalid and Shehla Rashid of JNU to speak at a history festival being organised by Ramjas college under protest / threat from ABVP. A day after lecture was cancelled, ABVP supported students clashed with AISA – SFI backed students who were protesting cancellation of seminar. There are allegation and counter allegation about who and what triggered the violence. Spokes people of many political parties, including those from ruling BJP, have jumped into debate. Many people from academia had written article about freedom of speech in university campus.

In the middle of all this post of a student of Lady Shri Ram college, Gurmehar Kaur has gone viral.  Gurmehar is daughter of an army man. Her father, Captain Manjit Singh, had lost his life in Indo Pak war of 1999, also known as Kargil war. Gurmehar had put herself in the middle of the clash between left and right. She claimed that she is a student of Delhi University. She is apolitical.  She also announced that she is not afraid of ABVP. She has claimed that it is war that had killed her father, not Pakistani aggression. Gurmehar had got threat of physical violence including gang rape because of her post. Rape threat to Gurmehar Kaur is absolutely unacceptable. People who threatened her with rape are absolute low lives and deserve jail sentence. It has emerged that female members of right wing group were also assaulted physically. It is claimed that leftwing student members did the violence.

It remains to be explored who is Gurmehar Kaur, and what is her affiliation? By her own admission, Gurmehar was not present at Ramjas college on the day clash broke out. Yet she has taken a position against ABVP. If she is apolitical, she should have condemned political violence of both left and right. Why did she spare AISA – SFI?

Tone and tenor of Gurmehar’s post does not suggest she is an apolitical student. She was to attend SFI march in Delhi University on 28th Feb, 2017, that she has decided not to join. Evidence exists to suggest that Gurmehar works with Ms. Kavita Krishnan of ultra left organisation CPIML. Nothing wrong with her political leaning. Except that, it goes against her claim that she is apolitical.

Gurmehar is against war. She believes Pakistan did not kill her father, war did. Does she mean  rightwing BJP / NDA initiated war in 1999? If that is what her understanding of Kargil war of 1999, she needs to brush up her history. 

In life war happens. One needs to defend and sometimes give supreme sacrifice. Gurmehar’s father did give his life. Sine time immemorial, people and nations have fought to annexe / acquire what is not theirs in the first place. War cannot be stopped by seminar. To prevent a war, one has to be strong enough to repulse an attack.  A war can be prevented only when other side realises how strong the opponent is.

Given the political support from congress party that Gurmehar is getting, I would not be surprised if her posts have come up in the middle of election to embarrass the government. People who criticise government ministers for getting involved in student political of JNU, University of Hyderabad etc., are happily jumping into the same in Delhi University. 

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