Politicians, Our Servants or Masters!

In India we choose our leaders to represent us in national parliament, state assemblies and local governments. Our leaders, we thought, are expected to fight for our cause and protect our interest. Increasingly, our political parties have become familiy enterprises. Politicians try to look after their own first by giving election ticket to their kith... Continue Reading →

Assembly Election, Yogi Adityanath

After massive electoral victory in UP, selection of Yogi Adityanath has raised many uncomfortable questions. Based on past political activity and utterances, Yogi ji has an image of hardline right wing person. He has many utterances that are highly inflammatory, demeaning and derogatory to members of minority communities like muslims, christian, women and lesbian, gay... Continue Reading →

UP Assembly Election, An Idea That Worked

Result of UP assembly election has made both sympathisers and detractors of prime minister Modi by surprise. Not many had imagined such a stellar performance where an alliance bagged 325 out of 404 seats. Exit polls, barring a few outliers, had pointed out that BJP may race ahead in the triangular contest for the UP... Continue Reading →

Assembly Elections and Sore Losers

As results of assembly election started coming out of electronic voting machines on 11th of Mar, 2017, there was a stunned silence in Television studios full of experts. Several exit poll results two nights before had predicted an outright victory for BJP or at least BJP will be ahead of others. Given the unpredictability of exit... Continue Reading →

Selective and Sanctimonius Outrage

Ever since BJP lead NDA government has come to power in Delhi, efforts have been made to show the government in poor light. Persistent efforts have been made to brand the government communal, intolerant and majoritarian. Definitely, intemperate and foolish utterances of elected members of ruling party members have played a role in the effort.... Continue Reading →

Ramjas Violence : A Trap ABVP Fell Into

A lot has been said about student violence at Ramjas College of the University of Delhi. News channels have shown footage of students beating up one another. Exact trigger for violence is not known. Most commentators and observers have blamed rightwing ABVP for initiating the violence. At the same time it is emerging that both sides... Continue Reading →

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