Ramjas College Clash and Gurmehar Kaur’s Video

Recently, right wing ABVP and left leaning AISA and SFI at Ramjas College of Delhi University. Two posts caught national attention. Both posts came from a young student of Lady Shri Ram College. The students name was Gurmehar Kaur. One post of Gurmehar was about futility of war. How war had killed her father and not attack by Pakistan. Second post was as a student of Delhi University, Gurmehar was not afraid of ABVP. Both posts became viral. They had reached front pages of every important news paper in the country. News anchors of every Television Channel that I watched, had interviewed Gurmehar Kaur on her post. Mostly about her position how “War had killed her father, and not Pakistan.” 

We may agree or disagree with  Gurmehar Kaur’s position on war and peace between India and Pakistan. What remains very puzzling is how did Gurmehar’s post reached so many people at the right time. 

  • Not many people, outside her circle, knew of Gurmehar Kaur. Yet, Gurmehar was interviewed by Barkha Dutt of NDTV on May, 2016. A video of Gurmehar was made sometime around Indian surgical strike on terrorist camps across line of control. Yet the video surfaced at a time when ABVP and AISA members were clashing at Delhi university. 
  • For a video / post to go viral, in the manner Gurmehar’s post had become, some committed supporters / volunteers had to repeatedly share in social media and reach anchors of news channels. 
  • Gurmehar had worked with organization of Kavita Krishnan and John Dayal, that profess azadi for Kashmir. Was reason for video going viral coincided with seminar organised at Ramjas college where prominent speakers were invited who professed azadi for Kashmir?
  • Was Gurmehar coaxed into making her video? Because when Gurmehar decided not to take part in “Save DU” march, she had said “I have shown enough courage. The protest is not about me.”
  • Finally, is Gurmehar really apolitical, as she has tried to suggest in her second post? Why did she not ask for a violence free Delhi University? Why did she say I am not afraid of ABVP? It is emerging that both sides had committed acts of violence. A video has emerged where slogans of freedom for Kashmir and Bastar was chanted.
It is really very unusual that a video from a relatively unknown person gets so much national coverage at a time of important state elections may point towards a preplanned agenda. Gurmehar was used as a pawn in the game plan. 

It has been repeatedly suggested that one girls belief/post does not shake India. Concerted campaign in favour of a belief does. Gurmehar’s post went viral. Gurmehar worked with people who support freedom for Kashmir. At the same time, a left supported seminar was organised at Delhi university where prominent separatist voices were invited. This is too much of a coincidence. 

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