Mahamaya’s Play Ground

Science continues to point out that our experiences of the  world we consider real, is actually very limited. Our experience is constrained by sensory organs that we have. Using technology we can improve sensitivity of our sense organs but we cannot bring about a qualitative change in our perception of the world.  In Indian spiritual... Continue Reading →

Cow or Man : Whose Life Anyway!

Video footage of gau rakshaks (cow protector) beating up women and children of a nomad family went viral. A few days before, Pehlu Khan, a dairy farmer, was beaten for transporting cow. Pehlu Khan died of his injury. This was followed by attack by cow protection group on a  truck carrying buffalo in Delhi. Driver... Continue Reading →

Moving Towards A Vegetarian India?

At the outset, I declare that I like to eat non vegetarian food. Not the exotic anything that moves variety. I like regular non vegetarian food.  I am also aware of the following points that can be put forward against eating a non vegetarian food : In commercial chicken farms, chicken is fed and forced... Continue Reading →

House Hunting

  I had placed a few bird box on our balcony with the intention that sparrows may find them suitable to build their nests. Sparrows never came. A noisy mynah couple occupied one. Last week I saw this small bird and its mate sitting on our balcony. They would hover around the bird box, chirp... Continue Reading →

Save Cow, Kill Man, Some Ideology

In my mind, I tried to reconcile and rationalise killings of Mohammad Akhlaq and Pehlu Khan. Both innocent average middle aged muslim men. Both killed by a mob of Hindu men, many much younger. Why such hate? Murderer of Mohammad Akhlaq draped in Indian tricolor! His achievement, killing an unarmed man at his home.Killer of... Continue Reading →

A Fatwa, A Bald Pate and Endless Debate

Sonu Nigam’s tweet on forced religiosity and azaan call had gone viral. Nation was divided. An islamic cleric became so enraged that he announced a bounty. “Shave Sonu Nigam’s hair, and collect Rupees 10 lac from me”, thundered the clergy. Meanwhile, in an open press conference, Sonu Nigam announced that he will get his head... Continue Reading →

Protect Cow, Jail Gau Rakshak

I am not a gau rakshak (protector of cow). I despise people killing a human in the name of cow protection. While all living beings are sacred, in the relative world we live in, a human life is more important than an animal life, no matter how revered. Economists believe, unless farmers are allowed to... Continue Reading →

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