Indian Politician, A Law Maker or A Law Breaker

Law makers in India are expected to make law to make life safer for common Indians. Not only many leaders move around with gun totting commandos in tow, some even beat up government officials who perform their duty. One such instance was when Shiv Sena member of Parlaiment (MP) beat up a senior official of Air India. The MP bragged that he had hit the official with his slipper twenty five times and intended to throw the official out of the aircraft. 

Had an average citizen attacked the Air India employee he would be picked up by police and languishing in jail. If the citizen had temerity to attack the MP, god forbid he will most likely not see the light of the day for a long long time. Our MP was not arrested and remains free even today. He sniggered at Delhi Police to arrest him. “My party, my leader and my lawyers will deal with it” he had claimed.

Our MP refused to say sorry that he had attacked and humiliated a senior Air India employee. Our MP gave interview to TV and news media how he had gone to see a movie to cool his head. 

Speaker of Lok Sabha, under whose jurisdiction the errant MP falls, feigned helplessness. She claimed first the incidence happened in airport, which is not in her jurisdiction. Second, no one has complained to her against the MP. So she cannot do anything. Yet, people conveniently forget that Rajya Sabha membership of Mr. Vijay Mallya was expelled on charge of money laundering. Mr. Mallya did not assault any one on duty.

In this situation, what does people do? A lawmaker refusing to even apologise for his unlawful behaviour? Law and order machinery is unwilling to arrest him. So Air India did only thing that was under its control. Air India cancelled Mr. Gaikwad’s ticket. In his typical style, our MP claimed that Air India cannot stop him from flying back to Pune.  “How can airline stop me? I have ticket”, claimed the MP. He even threatened to create ruckus outside their office.

After much bravado, MP travelled by train to Mumbai. He got a customary chest pain on the way, that most errant politicians get when they feel law is catching unto them. After reaching his constituency, the law maker organised an Osmanabad bandh. But ban on his flying persisted. MP tried to fly using different name, MP tried to book ticket using different name, Air India always cancelled his ticket. In its effort, Air India is backed by other commercial airlines like Jet Airways, Indigo, Spice Jet, Vistara, Go Air etc. It is praiseworthy that Air India has stood by its employee and withstood pressure from politicians. It is time someone did the right thing. Only this way a law maker may be stopped from turning into a law breaker.


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