Shiv Sena and Ravindra Gaikwad, Defending Indefensible

Blood is thicker than water. When in trouble, members of family stand by each other to weather the storm. Exactly the same plot being played out in Indian parliament. A politician who beat up an on duty government official using his slipper, is being protected by politicians of different hue. 
After making customary noise about the unfortunate incident, our lawmakers have closed ranks. 
  • Lok sabha speaker has not taken action against the MP. She even tried to argue that MPs need to fly because he cannot always travel by train.
  • Congress party that claims to practice diametrically opposite political philosophy has criticised airlines for banning the MP from flying and claimed behaviour of airline employee could be trigger for the incident.
  • A samajwadi party MP, Mr. Naresh Agarwal has claimed that airlines are acting like goons by stopping Shiv Sena MP from flying. According to Mr. Agarwal, constitutional right of the MP was being violated.
  • Shiv Sena the parent organisation of Mr. Ravindra Gaikwad is even more brazen. The party has refused to take action against the MP. The party has criticised Air India and filed privilege motion in parliament against the airlines. 
  • Shiv Sena spokesperson/ MPs have variously argued that:
    • Mr. Gaikwad is a famous and popular politician in his constituency;
    • Mr. Gaikwad was protesting high handed behaviour of Air India officials;
    • FIR must be filed against Air India officials as well;
    • Banning Mr. Gaikwad from flying is against constitution;
    • Air India did not ban comedian Kapil Sharma for his unruly behaviour while flying with Air India
    • Airlines fly a terrorist, a smuggler, a thief, any criminal but they are stopping a lawmaker from flying.
    • Several airlines are funded by known mafia dons. How can these airlines take a sanctimonious position on an unruly lawmaker?


Point that our politicians are missing is what our MP Ravindra Gaikwad did was not less than criminal:
  • Unlike other criminals who travel peacefully, Gaikwad had hit an airline employee. 
  • This employee is a government of India officer, because Air India is run by government. Mr. Gaikwad stopped a government official from discharging his duty.
  • Gaikwad knowingly delayed ticket paying customers, 
  • Gaikwad delayed aircraft from flying out, an action that brings disrepute to airline and attracts penalty. 


At least for now government of India has not backed down under pressure from MPs. Speaker has also rebuked protesting MPs that they are not giving right message to public. Air India has repeatedly blocked effort of Mr. Ravindra Gaikwad to flout travel ban. In its endeavour, Air India has been backed by other commercial carriers. I hope a message goes to our elected members that they must act with dignity and decency. Unlike many elected members who demand perks and privileges of their job, many others work hard so than common man can lead his life with somewhat ease. Moreover people must reject our power and privilege hungry politicians and teach them a lesson.

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4 thoughts on “Shiv Sena and Ravindra Gaikwad, Defending Indefensible

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  1. “Blood is thicker than water. When in trouble, members of family stand by each other to weather the storm”- Sadly this is what things have come to in 21st century India! Politicians were supposed to serve society and stand with those who uphold this principle of service.
    What family are we talking about? They were supposed to look at the whole nation as family. .


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