Protect Cow, Jail Gau Rakshak

Slide1I am not a gau rakshak (protector of cow). I despise people killing a human in the name of cow protection. While all living beings are sacred, in the relative world we live in, a human life is more important than an animal life, no matter how revered.

Economists believe, unless farmers are allowed to sell their unproductive cows they may stop investing in cows. Farmers, both Hindus and Muslims, sell their unproductive cow, buffalo etc to butcher. The cash they get, is invested in another cattle or comes in handly in hard times. In states, where cow slaughter is allowed, cow population exceeds buffalo population, e.g West Bengal, Kerala. In states where cow is not allowed to be slaughtered, cow population is lower than the buffalo population, e.g. UP, Gujarat.

Indians, read Hindus, revere cow.  If cow is  given the status of mother, then is it not abhorrent to send mother to a slaughter house after she no longer gives milk? Is it no akin to sending ageing parents to old age home? Many people may still do this. Economics has a way of triumphing over emotion. Does that make the action right?

One cannot ignore that fact that despite our worship of cow, we see many cow roaming in streets of our cities. Owner of a cow let his animal loose to fend for itself. A stray cow rummages through garbage heap, another bane of Indian cities. Many of these stray animals eat plastic along with food wrapped in it. Many of these animals die a painful death.

I think, if government is really serious about protecting cows,

  • it should open old age home for cow, gaushala, in every city.
  • Penalise owner who lets his cow loose on city streets.
  • Owner and government must contribute towards resettlement of ageing cows.
  • Compensate a farmer who donates his cow to cow home.
  • For eating cow meat, import beef. Anyway, most India beef comes from a buffalo.
  • After death a cow may be skinned for hide in shelter. Many humans also donate their body part after death. Same logic may go for cow hide and bone.
  • Bring rational law and implement it.

Please stop killing in the name of cow protection. Please bring to justice who take law to their hand and kill innocent people minding their business.

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