Twitter Storm and Sonu Nigam

12 thoughts on “Twitter Storm and Sonu Nigam

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  1. I don’t know what to make out of the debates on TV channels.The nincompoops bring PM Modi’s name through their ugly twists and turns.I no longer can let them pollute my mind. I pity these self seekers.


  2. It seems every channel has an agenda. Debaters can debate both for and against. It is good entertainment. Thank you for reading.


    1. I think a non-issue is made an issue. Everyone should have the right to say if something bothers them. Does not make them pseudo Secular or anti national. Thank you for reading.

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  3. These days TV ‘debates’ and ‘Panel discussions’ are nothing but a circus with each person trying to shout down the other. The Sonu Nigam debate has unnecessarily stretched on with people giving too much importance to the thoughts of a person.


  4. Wonderfully written ! With everyone on TV having his own agenda and axe to grind, it’s the viewer who is left scratching his head trying to make sense of it all.


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