Save Cow, Kill Man, Some Ideology

In my mind, I tried to reconcile and rationalise killings of Mohammad Akhlaq and Pehlu Khan. Both innocent average middle aged muslim men. Both killed by a mob of Hindu men, many much younger. Why such hate? Murderer of Mohammad Akhlaq draped in Indian tricolor! His achievement, killing an unarmed man at his home.Killer of Pehlu Khan was compared with Shahid Bhagat singh by self styled leader of cow protector gang Sadhvi Kamal . Really! Bhagat Singh fought and gave up life fighting British colonisers. Cow protectors kill Indian citizens.

Mohammad Akhlaq  allegedly had beef in his refrigerator! So what, I would aks? My refrigerator, my home, my money, if I wish to eat beef I should be able to eat it in a free country. Can someone walk into my home, rummage through my fridge and confiscate my food? Is this free India? To add insult to injury, murderer of Mohammad Akhlaq was draped in tricolour? What is his achievement? He killed an unarmed middle aged man for suspicion of having beef in his refrigerator.

Pehlu Khan was carrying cow on a busy highway. If muslims from one state are not allowed to buy a cow and transport it to his home state,  why was it sold to them in the first place? How dose gau rakshak gang know that Pehlu Khan is arriving? Who fed them this information? Pehlu Khan had papers showing valid purchase, yet he was beaten up brutally on a busy highway. Pehlu Khan died of internal injuries a few days later. How can people be so cruel?

Who gives anyone right to kill another human being? Even it it is for a holy cow as per Hindu tradition, it is still an animal. A cow life cannot be higher than a human life. If there is no law to transport animal across state borders, why sell an animal to a man from different state? There must be some address proof required at the time of purchase? Why not catch those people who let their cow roam on streets, eat garbage wrapped in polythene and die? Are these people any less guilty of neglecting mother cow that cannot give milk anymore?

What about rule of law? How can home minister of a state claim a transporter with valid paper to be equally guilty of flouting law?  A man beaten to death is equally guilty as his murderer? We can claim, in muslim majority areas they torment Hindus. Does that justify us killing two innocent muslim men? I think no. It is a shame! A shame that keeps me awake at night. How can this be possible?

BJP aspires to be a pan Indian party. Party cannot fulfil its ambition by ignoring North East, West Bengal, Kerala, and muslim community that constitute 20% of Indian population? Many of these people eat meat. Cow slaughter is banned in many states of India. Normally, buffalo and bull are sacrificed for meat. BJP may consider such a practice disgusting. In its drive to become a national party, BJP must adjust its sensibilities to varied practices in this vast country. I hope better sense will prevail. People who resort to murder in the name of cow protection must be brought to justice. Justice must be seen to be done, justice must be done fast.

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