House Hunting



I had placed a few bird box on our balcony with the intention that sparrows may find them suitable to build their nests. Sparrows never came. A noisy mynah couple occupied one. Last week I saw this small bird and its mate sitting on our balcony. They would hover around the bird box, chirp excitedly and fly away to watch it from a distance. Translated in  Human language, I thought the bird family was excited about the bird box.




Then I noticed, the couple had build a house / nest for themselves, right beside the bird box. They were now busy moving their movables into the nest.



Meanwhile, there was another couple that had a look at our bird box. They could not make up their minds. May be they did not want to live in close proximity to another family. May be they wanted peace and quiet. Seen here, one member in a pensive mood. May be all the tension of house hunting!


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