Right Wing Hindu and Muslim Appear so Similar

If anyone gets an opportunity to talk to a member of a right wing Hindu group or a right wing Muslim group, one will realise how rigid and similar are both group of people in their respective thought processes. I had the opportunity to argue with one of each kind in social media network. Both groups are made of aggressive, testosterone fuelled boys and girls. One person starts the discussion, and others attack like a pack of hyena any dissenting voice.

One central theme is persecution complex.

  • Hindu right believes that their religious symbol, holy mother cow, is being desecrated. Cows are being killed in muslim majority countries like Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Kashmir.
  • Who is responsible for cow smuggling and/or slaughter? Obviously, muslims. So when one puts two plus two together, it becomes logical to beat, and if need be, kill a muslim in India. More so if a muslim is caught transporting a cow / cattle / buffalo.
  • Many also have a confused psyche. Most are not clear why are they attacking a muslim man. Is it because muslims, in cattle trade, transport a cow for slaughter or because muslims are killing Hindus in other countries, or for both reasons.
  • Right wind elements do not think twice about attacking women, children and elderly. Adults, anyway are always a fare game.
  • Hindu right dreams of a Hindu rashtra and/or Ram rajya,, a homeland for Hindus. In this homeland, cows will be worshipped, everyone will eat vegetarian, and in general rule of law will prevail.
  • Hindu right feel surprised and pained that instead of applauding their bravery,  people are criticising them. These people feel alienated that english speaking, left leaning people have made them look bad.

Muslim right is no different. This group believes in superiority of islamic way of life. Followers of far right Islam are equally susceptible to rumor that muslim way of life is in danger.

  • Muslim right,  try to project a scientific basis to their practices, of sharia law like triple talaq, polygamy, suicide bombing etc.
  • Muslim right has a sense of being persecuted and discriminated by the world. A common belief is that muslims are treated with suspicion by non believers.
  • Muslim right considers it to be their duty kills innocent people in distant lands for death of muslims in conflict zones of asia and africa.
  • It does not matter that women, children and even muslims are being killed by their terrorist action.
  • Muslims need a homeland, a Caliphate, a land of the pure. Where only law of almighty prevails over the faithful. This is the only way to protect women and children of the failthul from the infidels. Religious purity was one of the reasons why Pakistan was carved out of India. Pakistan could not hold on to East Pakistan (Bangladesh), having problem with Baluchistan, with Sindhis, with Pashtuns. Pure islam of Pakistan cannot get along with islam of Shias, Ahmadiyas, Sufis, Mohairs and Sindhis.
  • In Indian context, Muslim right believes that muslims have no religious freedom in India. Muslims are not allowed to pray, or to eat beef, and worse many are killed for eating beef. Even it there is evidence of cow vigilantism on the rise in India, number of muslims killed for eating beef is vey small.
  • More and more people in Kashmir, a muslim majority state in India, believe that Hindu majority India discriminates against Kashmir. Kashmir needs a homeland. It does not matter that
    • muslim majority Kashmir enjoys special right in Indian constitution;
    • Kashmir has a government chosen by their own people;
    • people from rest of India cannot settle in Kashmir;
    • Muslim majority Kashmir has thrown out minority Hindu citizens by terrorising them;
  • Despite their distrust and dislike for free societies,  given a chance many right wing faithful would like to go to US, Europe or even India for a job. Because their native place do not offer them much opportunity be it at the level of financial gain or personal freedom.
  • Once inside a free society, muslim right will utilise inherent freedom enshrined in the system to implode the society and demand for creation of a homeland.

Both Hindu and Muslim right are easily excitable. Most are prone to jumping into conclusion and always ready for action. Many right wingers cannot articulate their thought. So they resort to abuse in most vile language. Right wingers the lack ability to argue clearly, so they attack in droves and bring in imaginary and unrelated issues. Right wing people hardly make much sense, but they always think that they are winning.

8 thoughts on “Right Wing Hindu and Muslim Appear so Similar

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    1. It is the nature of extreme right to project an absolutist view. Challenge is to keep the majority in the centre. Friction always happens in a heterogeneous society, unless one player agrees to a total compromise. One needs to manage diversity of opinions by being neutral.

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  1. If you leave your neutrality aside, then you get involved and become a party to dispute. You cannot judge a dispute fairly.


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