MUDRA Scheme is Encouraging Self Employment

Prime minister Narendra Modi came to power promising to create 10 million jobs per year. However, jobs in formal sectors like manufacturing, trade, construction, education, health, information technology, transport, and accommodation and restaurant has actually not been very successful. Report suggest that job growth The total number of jobs created in the first three years of... Continue Reading →

Rohingya : India Must Tread Carefully

The decision of government of India to deport 40000 Rohingya muslims settled in different parts of India, has come under a lot of criticism. Some say, it is inhuman to deport Rohingya people to a country where they will be killed. Others say, Rohingyas are being deported because they are muslims, whereas other people from... Continue Reading →

Bullet Train : An asset or liability

Now that Indian prime minister Narendra Modi and Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe have inaugarated bullet train project, there is a lot of questions being asked. Yes many are genuine questions. Is the project worth it at a cost of 110000 crore rupees covering a distance of 500 km? Critic like Mr. Akaar Patel  argue that... Continue Reading →

Modi, Suu Kyi and Rohingya

Prime Minister Modi had met Ms Aung Sung Suu Kyi in Myanmar on his way back from BRICS summit. Timing of the meeting is important because Myanmar is being shaken up by Rohingya - Buddhihst strife in Rakhine province. As prime minster of worlds largest democracy, Mr. Modi was expected to make a strong pitch... Continue Reading →

India’s Rohingya Dilemma

I read a story in Mahabhara. At the time region was going through severe drought, a brahmin earns a little food for his family of four - self, wife, son and daughter in law. The family was hungry for several days. When they were just about to sit down for their meal, Dharma appears at... Continue Reading →

Demonetisation, Dokalam and Debate

Very stern yet very photogenic anchor introduced the topic of discussion,"Dokalam, Demonetisation and India". India has a weakened economy and a standoff at the border with China. So what is the likely consequence in near future. Anchor looked at a distinguished lady, who happened to represent and organisation, “Democracy for All”. She started by saying,... Continue Reading →

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