Diwali Fire Cracker Ban is Necessary

Supreme Court has banned sale of fire crackers in Delhi before this year’s Diwali. The decision will be used to monitor the effect of ban on air quality post Diwali. The decision is a tough one. On one side there is tradition of bursting crackers. I have seen it happening for last five decades. The ban may make many people that make crackers jobless. Many shopkeepers who have purchased fire crackers will lose money.

At the same time there is no doubt at this time of the year direction of air tends to change. Air is heavy due to chill in atmosphere. Wind does not blow strongly enough to wash away the smog. Smoke from burnt crackers tend to hang around close to ground. Smoke from burnt crackers hang over the city. One cannot see few feet ahead long after mid night. In addition to damaging human health, cracker burning is also cruel to animals. Many animals with sensitive ear drums feel pain due to loud noise. Many animals not used to loud noise become startled and afraid. 

Many people who are susceptible to airway disease, on Diwali night and aftermath of Diwali night, their health problems aggravate. It is true that air pollution is a chronic issue. One must tackle all problems simultaneously and in a systematic manner to address the issue of air pollution. But on and around Diwali there is accumulation of concentrated pollutants in different localities. At least this issue can be controlled with minimal colateral damage.

Many say this decision of supreme court is interference with tradition. I think traditions change with time depending upon societal needs. Open defecation is also a tradition given since how long this act is being practiced. Government is trying to alter behavioral pattern on open defecation. The same is true for cracker burning.  I think it is a good decision.

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  1. I also welcome this forward looking decision of SC . Delhi is already having the worst air quality among the major cities of the world. In winter season the situation aggravates due to natural as well as man made events like stubble burning, burning of fire crackers in Dewali etc.
    As far as the tradition on burning fire cracker is concerned, I think it not very old and hasn’t been the basic and historic feature of Deepawali, which can sustain the judicial interference according to article article 25 (b) and on other front Hinduism is not a religion, according to Supreme Court; rather than a way of life. Since ancient times, idea of Hinduism has been progressive, hence people should again adopt what is best for environment and health.
    Night of Dewali looks beautiful when it is celebrated in its literal name (Deep+Awali)=Line of Lamps.


  2. It’s appalling that people are opposing and condemning this decision of NGT, however, this implies that we have failed in preserving and nurturing our environment because this should be our collective responsibility not by way of imposition by govn.


    1. True. Some people are becoming headstrong and flouting the directive. I think with increase in population number and intensity of smoke has also increased. It is time a cracker free Deepavali is celebrated. Alternatively use economic friendly crackers. Cost will go up. People will desist or burst less.


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