Aarushi Talwar Murder Case , Many Questions Remain Unanswered

10 thoughts on “Aarushi Talwar Murder Case , Many Questions Remain Unanswered

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  1. Sir, please review my new post regarding recent SC judgement, I have tried to analyse it. I have started writing on current issue very recently so feel free to give to suggestions so that I can write well…


    1. One can apply in Supreme Court. That is CBI’s job. After almost a decade when all evidence is gone what can be done? A court will decide on evidence provided. If investigation is not of high quality, better lawyers will tear it into shreds.

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  2. CBI had filed for closure because of lack of concrete evidence and the Talwars had challenged it in the court. The second investigative team swapped pillow cases, tampered with forensics to implicate the Talwars who only wanted to find out who the real killer was.

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    1. Second CBI team came long after actual incident. Site was tampered with within first day itself when room was cleaned and mattress was burnt. Besides, my major question is how two people were killed and two slept in a three room flat? Anyway things are done and dusted, only questions remain.

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