Whose Mandate is it Anyway?

I do not come from a politically aware and astute family background. My father used to have his covert sympathy for the left parties. His logic was left, whenever it came to power, had tried to reduce price of essential commodities. Besides, being a Bengali, my father had a sympathetic corner in his heart for... Continue Reading →

Perils of Being a Non-vegetarian

I was surprised and shocked to hear the news that dead animals, collected from garbage dumps, are being processed and supplied as meat for human consumption in restaurants. Animals included dead dogs, and cats and I do not know what not. I hope there was no dead donkey. Born in a Bengali brahmin family, I... Continue Reading →

Punish Child Rapist with Death

India is grappling with rapidly rising incidence of violence against women. Among various crimes committed against a woman, one that often comes to our notice is rape. Many say rape is an expression of power by a man against a woman. But, what would you say when subject of male violence is a child who... Continue Reading →

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