Punish Child Rapist with Death

India is grappling with rapidly rising incidence of violence against women. Among various crimes committed against a woman, one that often comes to our notice is rape. Many say rape is an expression of power by a man against a woman. But, what would you say when subject of male violence is a child who is bare few months old. What injustice an eight year old girl committed to deserved being raped? As if, not satisfied raping a girl child, some explore her private parts by inserting sharp and/or blunt objects. In one such case in Delhi, after raping and inserting a bottle inside a five year old child, perpetrators locked her up in their rented apartment and fled the scene. Are these normal human beings or monsters? How can we stop such actions? How can we bring to book perpetrators of such crime?

Recently, under public pressure after brutal rape of an eight year old girl in Kathua district of Jammu and Kashmir, government of India has brought forward a crime that will allow child rapists to be given death penalty. I think, it to be a good idea.  Many erudite people are opposing the move on the ground that rapist will now kill the victim. We are forgetting that even without death penalty, most victims are being killed or left to die. Death penalty, if cannot instill fear in the mind of a rapist, is not likely to do a major harm. It should be borne is mind, having provision of death penalty for a crime does not mean every criminal will be awarded the same. At least, having the provision to ask for a death penalty,  will allow prosecution to ask for the same in cases of brutal crimes.

Government must also relook at punishing juvenile rapists based on the gravity of crime they commit. These people should not be shown leniency on account of age. Many called juveniles have an adult mind, adult urge and propensity to be brutal to their victims. When it comes to facing consequence of their action, we hear after all these are only children. Say that to parents of minor girls who have been violated by young juvenile boys. Many civilized democracies look at the gravity of crime before deciding on punishment. Why India should be an exception? Finally, attention. Must be paid towards building a tight case and speedy trial. For this scientific evidence collection and time bound justice delivery is must.

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  1. I disagree with your first line. See the record from NCRB. Crime against women is not a new phenomena in India.
    Are you okay with Capital Punishment, which many of the advanced democracy is discarding?


    1. No crime can be assessed by simple statistics. For the victim, may be the only victim, it is a terrible sense of injustice. In case of crime against women, we hear it every day. Even if it is argued that crime against women have been happening since a long time before, it is neither a matter of pride or reason to be smug. Yes in many democracies death penalty is being abolished. But in how many places a girl is disembowelled and left in the open to die? Where a girl is raped one last time before she is killed?


      1. I agree with you Sir, but where it becomes hazy is when you mentioned it’s increasing rapidly, for that there should be a data to substantiate your claim for “increasing rapidly”.
        When these sort of heinous crimes used as a political tool, the whole purpose is defeated.


      2. One Incidence is too many. Everyday we hear someone is raped, someone’s private parts were mutilated, someone burnt to death. If this is not rapids rise, then we have to only accept data that is statistically significant. I think we should keep politics out. People are getting hurt here. Many have nothing to do with politics.


      3. As far as crime is concerned, I am always of the view that harshest of punishment should be awarded to the perpetrators! But then the liberal section will cry foul over capital punishment! That is why I wanted your opinion.


      4. Look what I say is my opinion. There is no reason anyone will agree. Government of the day believes death penalty is the way to go for rapists. Judges may not award. Next government may change the law.


      5. Society does not change at whim my friend. Better to wear a shoe than cover the world with carpet.


  2. Incidence of such brutal rapes is really disturbing. I do not know where are we heading to. Are incidences being reported more or are we seen a spurt? Every incidence is more brutal than other.


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