Ranikhet express reached Haldwani an hour late. Bhudeb was not happy. He chose the slow coach for its arrival time, so that he could check in when it is still dark. "Who knows, who will see him now? This blessed land is so full of people!” Irritated, Bhudeb boarded the chauffered driven car for hotel... Continue Reading →

Woman Unfriendly India

Recently, a perception based survey was published. Survey was conducted by Thompson Reuter Foundation and opinions of global experts were collated. According to the findings of survey, India is the most dangerous country for women. India was placed below war torn Syria and Afghanistan, conservative Iran and Saudi Arabia among others. Predictably, the findings of... Continue Reading →

Why Farmers are in Distress

Often I read in newspaper and hear on TV that farmers are in distress. I hear farmers are committing suicide because of crop failure. Recently, farmers marched on foot for hundreds of kilometers from different parts of Maharashtra to Mumbai to put forward their demand. Many commentators believe farmer distress is going to play a... Continue Reading →

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