Romantic Tale of a Socially Awkward

“Mind of a woman, even gods cannot read, what chance a man stands,” thus goes the legend. Given the scope of success so difficult, Rathin has avoided the path, altogether. Instead, he tried to find his niche in academics and career building. He studied in an unisex school, excelled in college to excel, went abroad... Continue Reading →

Trust Deficit #flash fiction #friday fictioneer

    “Bottleneck is always at the top,” thundered CEO in the townhall meeting, on productivity, he convened for his employees, after attending a conference. “Tell me is what problems you face? Is it resource allocation, time management or decision making?” senior managers shifted uncomfortably in their seats, as chief goaded his employees for a... Continue Reading →

Final Goodbye

“Lift the shutter, let me see one last time,”grandfather lifted his head with difficulty to have a final glimpse of the cottage. For three decades, this wilderness had been his home. He had built the cottage here by his own hand, welcomed so many mornings and bid farewell to days. Today, the man is off... Continue Reading →


  It was Christmas day. He had nothing better to do in his empty home. He had recently immigrated to Northern Territories of Canada as a doctor. His wife and kids have not arrived yet. He was bored and decided to go for a walk. Outside temperature was around minus thirty degree centigrade. With wind... Continue Reading →

Piggy Bank

“Save regularly, who knows your college education may come out of this,” said Pavitra as he gifted the procelain piggy bank to his daughter. “This dog is not staying in my room. I don’t want to look at a dog, as soon as I get up.. What is this world coming to? In place of... Continue Reading →


Murmu saw small stone house from top of the hill. House had slanting red tile roof. A green cross made of shrubs rested on top of the door of the house. Apparently, owner had interest in the art of topiary. Murmu had no interest in any art form. He was simply a courier, following an... Continue Reading →


“This is majestic”, Sam looked admiringly at the luminous diamond sitting at the feet of deity in dilapidated temple. “I want it Sid,” said Sam greedily, “it will fetch a fortune.” “Don’t invite god’s wrath Sam. This stone is under protection of reigning deity of this fort.” “I don’t believe in power of magic. I... Continue Reading →

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