The Hanging House


Uncertainty was the central theme of Sundar Lal’s existence. He was not certain if there will be roof over head, food on table, let alone pay his tuition fees. Yet, against all odds, today one thing is certain, he is a licenced architect. One of the best in his batch.

Mr. Peerzada wants to meet you a week from this Friday? Forward me your address,I shall arrange for your pickup,” polished female voice declared over the phone. It was more of an order than a request.

Forward me coordinates of meeting place, I shall be there” he replied, uncertain if he heard her right.

 Peerzada tower is the corporate house of Peerzada business empire. He reached there in a cab. He was ushered inside a conference room. There were several other people in the room. Exactly on the dot, Mr. Peerzada, a short and portly man, draped in expensive tailor made business suit, walked in and took his seat at the head of table. After brief introduction, over coffee and snacks, Mr. Peerzada announced the purpose of this meeting,

 “Gentlemen, you all are fresh architecture graduates. I hear you are the best in your batch. You are not burdened by past. I want you to design me a builiding that is simultaneously unique yet outrageous and may be grotesque. If ever, anywhere in the world, there is a discussion of a building, first thing to come should be Peerzada building.”

Massive ego of the man was on display, he thought, while Peerzada boomed,

Money is no object. You all shall be paid for your services and any expenditure incurred. All I want is the best. Let us meet in a months time, same place. Contact my office if you need anything.

A month later, architect Sundar Lal Bajpai, somewhat uncertain and tentative, unveiled his work

Mr. Peerzada, architecture an extension of our taste and our attitude to life. Cancer is a dreaded disease that grows over the existing tissue architecture. Today I present you a house that grows like a tumor out of the parent house – The Hanging House.

Word Count : 348

This is a writeup as part of Flash Fiction Friday with the theme “Uncertainty”.

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