Listen boys, there cannot be any security lapse this evening,” thundered chief of police, “our heads will be served on a platter if a single black flag is seen by the chief guest”.

Preparations were in full throttle for this important award ceremony. Guest list has been scrutinised. Rank and seniority duely considered in seating arrangements. Auditorium has been spruced up and decorated. Public address system checked and rechecked. Speakers and stage performers have been adviced to adhere to time discipline.

Problem will be pesky protestors with black flags. “Such embarrassments!” thought chief, “not today, though. I have a plan.”

No entry signs have been placed on a side door. “Bring chief guest and dignitories through this side door. No protest will be allowed to spoil the day, when my son is receiving extraordinary bravery medal,” swore chief.

His son fell to a terrorist bullet on rescue mission to free hostages.

Competition No. 179

Word Count: 151

This little piece of fiction was inspired by the weekly prompt challenge hosted by Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. Thanks for reading!

Picture Credit: Yarnspinner


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