Final Goodbye


Lift the shutter, let me see one last time,”grandfather lifted his head with difficulty to have a final glimpse of the cottage.

For three decades, this wilderness had been his home. He had built the cottage here by his own hand, welcomed so many mornings and bid farewell to days.

Today, the man is off to city for treatment.

I am not coming back, am I?” Everyone knew the answer. No one said anything.

The coyote, whom grandfather fed daily, simply raised its head and released an anguished howl at the sea plane that gathered speed for takeoff.


Word Count: 100

This is an effort to write aflash fiction effort with the Friday fictioneers, 29thAug, 2018, by host Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Picture promt credit goes to Dawn M. Miller.

66 thoughts on “Final Goodbye

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  1. You engage our sympathy for the old man by your description of significant aspects of his life. The details about the coyote and the seaplane are idiosyncratic things which make him a unique individual, and considerably increase the power of your story. Well written!

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  2. Sniffles sniffs… Great story. I remember my Gr. Grandpa saying the same thing the day he left our home to move to the nursing home with Gr. Grandma. I remember crying for hours. And, no, he never did come back home.

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