Sipping Port on Duoro

His itinerary took him to Porto on the Atlantic coast of Portugal. Situated on the mouth of Duoro river, Porto is one of the largest cities in Protugal, and also a UNESCO’s list of heritage sites. Porto has a history dating back to 300 BC. Porto was invaded by Napolean’s French army in 1809. It... Continue Reading →

Class Enemy

Abani Pal, was popularly known as “Sir” or “master moshai”. He was the head master of local senior secondary school. As a teacher, Sir had touched many lives very deeply. He knew his students by first name. He would visit their homes to understand their difficulties and meet their families. Doors of Sir’s home were... Continue Reading →


“Ramu, all set?” Mrs. Singh, dressed in saree, bedecked with jewellery, was sorrounded by a fragrance. “Yes madam! coffee on the table; stocked cooler. Bar in the living room. Cook working on hot snacks.” Singh family, one of the oldest residents in this town, always hosts an important official like collector. “Good relation with these... Continue Reading →

Dairy Farm

  “I have decided.” “Decided what, father?” “I shall start a cattle ranch around my farm house. Acquired a few acres, fifty acres to be precise.” Poornima did not know what to say. “Cattle ranch, father? In this day, in such volatile times! Do you know dad, that they can ruin your business? You may... Continue Reading →

Navratri Sale

“Sale, sale , sale! Come to our navratri sale! Come behen, come bhabi!” Young boy shouted enthusiastically as he directed customers to his shop. “Come uncle, this sandal matching your kurta! Visit Ramleela wearing our sandal. Beat Ravana with our sandal. Buy one get one free.” Nine day festive season commemorates victory of Lord Rama... Continue Reading →


NA 4150 took him to Goizueta, a town sorrounded by Pyrenees mountains. Up on the mountains, stone structures that were tombs from earlier civilization were present. He was there to look at the monolithic monuments. He had learnt that there were nearly 90 monuments within 10 km from Goizueta. He had decided to walk up... Continue Reading →

Decision Time

Naryanan was driving on the scenic highway. On this bright sunny day, highway was playing a game of hide and seek with the ocean. It would move away at some stretch, then it would running parallel to the deep blue sea. Ever since he joined his new job, this was Narayanan’s first break from work.... Continue Reading →

Festive Season

My friend Rashi writes syndicated columns for several publications. Rashi is overbooked second half of every year, as festival season hits India. “This is the busiest time of the year for me mother, don’t ask me to go anywhere,” Rashi said without looking up from her computer screen.” I could hear Rashi’s voice climbing the... Continue Reading →

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