Desert Plant

National highway that cuts across continental America from east to west passes through this town. More like an apology of a town, with a population of fifty, one gas station and one convenience store. He stopped his car here because he had business at the convenience store. Got his car filled with gasoline, lit a... Continue Reading →

By Invitation Only

The hotel was ready to welcome its important visitor for this Labor Day weekend. For last several years, governor has been a regular visitor here. The building looked bright in its white paint, matching the sunny day outside. Seating arrangements were made on the long veranda, covered with green carpet and decorated with flowering plants.... Continue Reading →

Sheet Anchor

Sam was a highly competitive individual. Be it studies, be it career, be it sports, or be it social outings, Sam wanted to be the best. He studied hard, played competitive sports, landed a lucrative job and dated most sort after girls. After all, he wanted to be at the top in all his ventures.... Continue Reading →

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