Sheet Anchor


Sam was a highly competitive individual. Be it studies, be it career, be it sports, or be it social outings, Sam wanted to be the best. He studied hard, played competitive sports, landed a lucrative job and dated most sort after girls. After all, he wanted to be at the top in all his ventures. Family and friends counseled him, “Sam you need not be the best in everything, give your best. That is all that matters.”Sam was not convinced. “I can never be the second best. I want to be alone at the top, all by myself.”

Everyone was surprised, when Sam decided to settle down with Monika. So unlike tall, beautiful, fashionable girls, Sam often went out with! A quiet girl, from the countryside, Monika was not fashion conscious. She was uncomfortable and ill at ease in any social gathering. Did not appear that she came from a family with money. “What has Sam seen in her? She must have unearthed some closely guarded secret in one of those weak moments in a man’s life! Now she blackmailing Sam.” There cannot be any other logic. Rumor mills were running full throttle in friendly living rooms.

You know, your friends call me a gold digger! They think I have trapped you?”

I know.”

Then why are you with me? Go back to your life, why don’t you? No one is stopping you.”

I don’t want to, ever. You are an anchor to my restless life. Like a balm you soothe all my scars from climbing. My ambitions become so inconsequential in your presence. I feel so much at peace with myself here,” They were lying side by side in her small one room apartment. A far cry from luxurious penthouse suite Sam is used to.

Word count : 297

This entry is part of a free-write flash fiction contest where five writers compete in the October TUFFest Ride event during 2018 Fiction Rodeo at Carrot Ranch.

Sincere thanks are due to the folowing sponsors of the competition:

Openings Life Coaching
SmythType Design
Solar Up

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