Papa’s bar had become a part of city’s history. A young man, Daniel D’Souza, started the bar and named it after his grand father. Everyone had laughed, “a bar in a town where people drink milky tea!” Daniel reasoned, being a port city, sailors will come. Daniel was right. First it was a trickle, then the gates opened. Dutch, Portuguese, French they all came, when in town. Food was good, drink was better and atmosphere friendly. Daniel managed bar, his wife Maria served food.

Times changed. The British left. More and more natives, started frequenting the pub. Daniel and Maria, retired. Daughters, Annie and Isabel, took charge of bar and kitchen floors. Young men, from prosperous families would compete for a smile from Annie. She never disappointed. Annie would flirt with all clients, young or old, handsome or ugly, but business came first. Pay money, have drink, get a smile. No money, no fun that was her motto. Business roared as expected.

Arun’s friends took him to Papa’s bar after his first salary. Born in a conservative family, where family deity is worshipped at sun set and sun down, Papa’s bar came as a shock to Arun.

Woman serving alcohol, smiling at strangers, patting men on their arm, how is this possible?” inexperienced Arun fell head over heals for Anna. He started frequenting Papa’s bar alone. He would buy a drink, sit at the bar and wait for a smile from Annie.

Man, why do you come here everyday? Don’t you have a family?”

I come to see you, Annie. My wife is back home.”

Everyone knew Annie had acquired an admirer.

 “discourage him Annie; he is married. Remo can help”.

He is a puppy dog, Isabel. He makes me feel wanted. He also buys his drinks”.

Word count : 297

This entry is part of a free-write flash fiction contest, in response to prompt “Papa’s bar”, where five writers compete in the October TUFFest Ride event during 2018 Fiction Rodeo at Carrot Ranch.

Sincere thanks are due to the folowing sponsors of the competition:

Openings Life Coaching
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