Golden Stool


Hand over the golden stool to me. I shall sit on the golden stool, as representative of Her Majesty the Queen,”

Sir Frederick Mitchell Hodgson governor of British Gold Coast ordered chiefs of Akan nation,

Your king Agyeman Prempeh, we have defeated him, and exiled him to Seychelles. We demand a compensation of 160000 pounds per year as war reparation.”

There was anger in Kumasi. For illegal expansion in Ashanti territory, for deposing their king and now the demand of the Golden Stool.

My chiefs, have you all lost your manhood,”

seethed Asante queen Yaa Asantewaa, Queen-Mother of Ejisu,

you listen a foreigner who wants to defile the Golden Stool, symbol of Ashanti people, living dead and yet to be born.”

As leader of resistance against the British force, Queen-Mother urged “Come you men and women of Ashante, we shall fight the white man till last drop of blood in our body and till last man alive.”

Word Count: 157

Note : This is a 150 words  historical fiction on modern Ghana. Asante nation formed a major part of the land that is modern day Ghana. All the characters in this writeup are historical, dialogs are made up. As history goes, British suppressed the resistance and Asante people lost their independence in 1901. British Gold Coast later became modern nation Ghana in 1957.

This week Pegman is on the continent of Africa, in Bamboi, Ghana. Other articles on Ghana may be found here.



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