Navratri Sale


Sale, sale , sale! Come to our navratri sale! Come behen, come bhabi!”

Young boy shouted enthusiastically as he directed customers to his shop.

Come uncle, this sandal matching your kurta! Visit Ramleela wearing our sandal. Beat Ravana with our sandal. Buy one get one free.”

Nine day festive season commemorates victory of Lord Rama over evil Ravana. Shoe shop owner has decided to get maximum business out of the season. He arranged his stock on the footpath.

Its only for the few days, sahab,” owner assured the beat constable, “I shall fold by end of navratri.”

I hope you will stick to your word. I do not want to come back again.” Police constable warned pocketing five hundred rupee note.

Sale , sale, sale, Navratra sale, come sister, come bhabi, come mother. Buy one get one free,” young boy enticed customers, reassured of his wage for nine days more.

Word Count: 150

Competition No. 184

This little piece of fiction was inspired by the weekly prompt challenge of 25th Sep, 2018 hosted by Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. Thanks for reading! For other entries on the topic look here.

Picture Prompt: Yarnspinner

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