Dairy Farm



I have decided.”

Decided what, father?”

I shall start a cattle ranch around my farm house. Acquired a few acres, fifty acres to be precise.”

Poornima did not know what to say.

Cattle ranch, father? In this day, in such volatile times! Do you know dad, that they can ruin your business? You may be lynched for trading in cattle!”

Calm down dear, I have a plan. Let us see how things go. But this is something I always wanted to do. Cannot give it up now.”

You should have discussed father, before you acquired more land.”

What would be the result, Poornima? Would you have agreed to what I had said?”

Giridhari lal had decided to set up a cattle farm and get into dairy business. He would supply to milk processing plants. With enough profit, one day he may have his own processing unit and own brand!

Giridhari knew he was taking a risk. For sure, hench men of local politician will come for protection money in the name of mother cow.

I sell only in milk. Old non milch cows are retired. Cow dung is used for methane gas production. That saves environment. Local communities may get cheap cooking gas and fertiliser for their fields,”

Giridhari, knew his answers, but he also knew that goons will not respond to logic,

For how long?”

Giridhari had reasoned,

These guys may be out of power in a couple of years. If not, I have my own men and muscle.”

Grandad, mother is calling you home for breakfast,

a call woke up Giridhari up from his reminiscing. Milk baron Giridhari Lal continued with his “Ranch Romance” this summer morning riding his favorite horse,

I did not listen to Poornima then, I would not listen to her now.”

Word count : 297

This is a writeup is a part of final free-write flash fiction contest to qualify five writers to compete in the October TUFFEST Ride event during the 2018 Flash Fiction Rodeo at Carrot Ranch.

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