Sipping Port on Duoro


His itinerary took him to Porto on the Atlantic coast of Portugal. Situated on the mouth of Duoro river, Porto is one of the largest cities in Protugal, and also a UNESCO’s list of heritage sites. Porto has a history dating back to 300 BC.

Porto was invaded by Napolean’s French army in 1809. It is here second battle of Porto was fought. A joint Anglo Portuguese force lead by Ist Duke of Wellington, Arthur Wellesley’s troops crossed the Duoro river in broad day light. On land Anglo Portuguese force defeated Marshal Soult’s French force.

Incidentally, flat bed boats, known as rabelos, were used to transport wine barrels from Porto to Villa Nova de Gaia for storage. He decided to retrace the route of Arthur Wellesley’s Anglo Portuguese troop. He did without fear of imminent bloodshed. Lazing on the deck under bright sunshine, he sipped his supply of Duoro valley Port wine.

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This week Pegman goes to Duoro Valley of Portugal. You can use the photo included with this week’s prompt, our roam the region yourself and find your own inspiration. There is both street view and photo spheres at this week’s location. Other posts on the topic may be found here.

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  1. I was not aware of a battle in this area during the Napoleanic wars. I guess the Brits and the Portuguese collaborated on more than just making port!

    I remember I did read that the Romans had been in the area, and that some of the wineries or quintas were built on roman ruins. So much history this week: i feel quite educated. And history goes well with a glass of port!

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