A game of chess was on. Pieces were scattered on the board as the game progressed. Aggressor white bishop attacked black rook. I have you under my thumb now. Not so fast my friend! Here I move to save my rook, your turn to save queen. We are even now. What do you say? Arvind... Continue Reading →


A student delivered me to warden’s room. “Be careful! He loves to hit with folded knuckle.” “Great!” timidly I knocked on the door. “Come in,” A tall man, with long unkempt hair, in dhoti and a banayan was sitting on his bed. Sorrounded by books, and news papers, a pair of bifocal glasses hung on... Continue Reading →

Pather Panchali #BestFriendBook

My father was a book lover. He would buy books, even though we had no permanent place to stay. We would move from one rented accommodation to another. We would move from one city to another. These books were all kept in two steel trunks. Once in a year, we shall keep them in sun... Continue Reading →

Evil Eye

“Look mother, so many colored pumpkins – white, yellow, blue, black” clapped Akshay happily, “mother I want a pumpkin for our house.” Neerja works for an NGO, active in the community and helps underprivileged women, children and elderly. Once Akshay started going to school, Neerja took up the job to make good of her Social... Continue Reading →

Journey #WOW

Above, is a very poor attempt at a doodle. For the lay people, I just want to explain that this is my effort to depict the theme “Journey”. Attempt is to convey the idea of journey through an open road leaving aside villages, towns and cities. From my childhood, it is the journey that has... Continue Reading →


“Tring, tring, tring, tring,” Shailaja impatiently rang the doorbell, “what took you so long…..; what in god’s name is that thing on your face?” cried Shailaja, “take this ghastly thing off immediately.”  “Relax mother,” said Akash as he left for the party, “it is my Haloween costume,” Shailaja felt an unholy presence also left with her... Continue Reading →

Spiritual Retreat

  “Our new center,” Anuradha said parking her car in the lot, “an engineering feat!” “Dome looks impressive!” Shailaja was accompanying Anuradha to this spiritual retreat for the first time. She was impressed by architecture of the building. “This dome is an engineering feat!” exclaimed Anuradha. “Really! How so?” “The dome collects light and focuses... Continue Reading →

Comfort Zone

“Akash, you must grab this opportunity!” “But dad, everything is going so well here. I am settled, I know how to get things done, I am at my peak of my career here. Should I rock the boat?” Akash is a film director. Even from a national perspective he is a regional player. After his... Continue Reading →

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