Vacation in Venice


Which was built first? Canals or houses?

I don’t know, Suhas;”

Suhashini’s husband was used to such queries from his wife.

Why don’t you ask someone?”

Suhashini’s husband ignored her request. He did not know what to ask and how to ask without making a fool of himself and said,

Later dear. I don’t speak the language.”

The first stop in Suhashini’s Italian tour itinirary was Venice, a city that has always amazed Suhashini. Here canals make up for streets, here boats, not cars, ferry people. Suhashini has dreamt of visiting Venice from her childhood. To fulfil her dream, she has been saving from the day she got her first salary. One of her pet fantacy was to read “The Merchant of Venice,” sitting on a verandah with her feet dipped in canal water.

Finally, I have reached here,” thought Suhashini looking over the famous waterway of Venice from her hotel room. Day is ending, setting sun has used the sky as a canvas. Sky has assumed a beautiful color which is also reflected on the water, as if sky is looking at her self on a mirror.

Suhas, I have bad news; our home is flooded.” I just got news from home.

My luck follows me everywhere,” thought Suhashini, “I have given enough, I am not going to give up my holiday.”

What about family, Suhas?”

Damage to our property is done, dear. We cannot reverse anything. If we leave now, we stand to lose more money.”

Word Count : 247

This post is written as part of# TellTaleThursday with Anshu & Priya . More articles on the post may be found here.

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