Horns of a Dilemma #wow


When I tell the truth, there will be consequences,”

thought Narayanan, as he tossed sleepless on his bed,

if I don’t tell the truth, I look small in my eyes.

Naryanan recalled a meeting with his boss, the evening earlier and mulled over his advice,

Are you busy? Lets go for a drink.”

Naryanan was surprised at the invite. His boss knew that he was preparing for the upcoming meeting with management. He has to apprise management of progress that has been made in his department.

What does this man has in his mind, now?

Naryanan had wondered as he responded,

Sure sir,”

Lets meet at 7 pm,”

Naryanan has joined the company as a group head after completing his doctorate degree from abroad. His job is to create and optimise mobile based banking application. In this competitive area, competition is enormous so is work pressure and pressure of meeting target. Upcoming meeting is going to be a test case of management patience.

So how are things?” his boss asked as they settled in a quiet corner.

You know sir. We are not ready. There are problems.”

I know everything. All I am asking what is your position for upcoming meeting?

Sir, we need more time. That is my position.”

Listen, I know we are not ready. But others are – scale up, engineering and marketing groups. We shall lose our face, if we don’t step up. Who knows there may be fund cut and job cut. We may lose bargaining power – me, you and our department.”

What do you suggest?”

Let us pass the ball to scale up group for a trial and buy some time. By the time they figure out this is not a great product, we solve our problem and come out looking good.”

That will be a lie sir, would’t you say?

Lie is not bad, if it saves job and avoids budget and manpower cut. Even Lord Krishna had told a lie in the battle of Kurukshetra.”

Naryanan was not convinced about what his boss had said, but he could not deny the logic either.

I am sitting on the horns of a dilemma,” he thought, “ I am asked to tell a lie, against my lifelong principles. Or am I? I can simply state the facts, as they are. Can’t I? What about my job, my family and my lifestyle? What about people who may lose jobs? Am I compromising? May be I am.

Naryanan drifted into a troubled sleep.

As per minutes of last meeting, Narayanan you had committed a product timeline. Board was informed and press statement was released, accordingly. Where are we today?” asked chairman of product transition team, who was also the head of research and development.

Sir, our product is ready to go to the next level.”

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