Slow Learners May Exhibit Different Psyche #LearnLessons

From his childhood, Akash was used to hearing that he took longer time than any average person to learn things. He remembered his father always used to say, “son, those who are intelligent they learn from others making a mistake. Not so intelligent people, learn by making their own mistakes.” By this definition, Akash realized he was not only a slow learner, he was also not a very intelligent person.

It is not that Akash is a dumb person. He had acquired above average academic credential and had risen at reasonable height in his professional career. His family had always worried how would he survive his stay in a boarding school or away from his family abroad. There is no denying that in both social and professional fronts, Akash had shown certain tendency of being a loner. Some characteristic traits of Akash were,

  • In the social front, Akash always felt awkward and reticent about walking into an unknown gatherings for the very first time, where he did not know many or anyone. He always felt nerveous, always tried to visualize all kind of scenarios, and at the last minute he would try to find a wayout.
  • At the professional and academic front, Akash, could never feel comfortable unless he had dirtied his own hands by doing things from the scratch. He had to establish processes that are reproducible in his own hands, then and only then he felt he has learnt.
  • At some level, Akash always had a nagging feeling if he got things right and easy in one go, then he was not paying his price. Would he still be successful if he had to struggle like the innovator?
  • He tended to be a loner because he did not feel pressured to do things he did not like to do and had the option of moving on without being judged.
  • A positive outcome of such behavior was Akash was committed to his relationship as well as to his job. Was it because Akash was faithful or he was loath to change because he was umcomfortable what new arrangement may bring?

Is Akash’s slow learning is a standalone condition or part of greater psychological problem which may include low self esteem, lack of self confidence, tendency to be a loner and an introvert, which may contribute to social anxiety. Many psychological problems are not brought to attention of doctors, unless the ailment becomes either life threatening or limits routine activities of life.

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